Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Eight Travellers Tales...

After over 100 hours of gameplay I have all 8 Octopath Travelers stories complete.

The game is amazing, the musical score  is haunting, the gameplay is Snes JRPG with the graphics from FF6 to modern day 3d.

I still have the final post game dungeons to  find (4 extra shrines to superbuff my toons) plus the final baddie...yup this is a game from the 90's, complete but not quite.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

My new acquisitions

Got some new stuff for my Gameboy, still waiting of a mintie leaf green (2 weeks to wait)

Pokemon Ruby, In a nice protector case too. Even came with original receipt.

R-Type DX, also in a mint box with poster and manual. Awesome conversion.

Repro boxes for them with no box. Other than the 2 Zelda Oracle games (which are also repro carts) all the others are original.

I have nothing against repro carts nor cases so long as :
  1.  The case is an obvious reproduction or in a DS box for the Gameboy/Color/Advance games
  2. The carts are stated as repros, especially in the event that the game is hard to find.
I will trawl Etsy for repros, just do a search for gameboy repro and there are many to be found. I would however ask the seller to send the carts as a gift with no real value else you may get hit by Royal Mails money tax.
Part of my Yule was the 2 Zelda Oracles games for the Advance, for the 3 it was a total of £30 inc shipping. Ended up paying another £11.50 in handling and customs. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Omi-nomi-nomi-con: I can see the Screen...

Omi-nomi-nomi-con: I can see the Screen...: Upgrading the Gameboy SP screen Everyone  who had a Gameboy SP back in the day wondered what thee hell were Nintendo thinking with that...

Gotta Catch 'em All...again

After modding my sp, it was time to test and what game would it be ?

Went to  Inverness with my girlfriend on Sunday and popped into CEX.  Two copies if Pokemon Sapphire were on the shelf  and as I have not played this one the decision was made to purchase. After looking over the two carts for some time and being sure one was a repro (all be it a very good one) I got my hands on an original Poke'Sapphire. 
However when i got it home it failed to boot in any of my systems...



Turns out to be the cart is filthy, so a wee brush with  isopropyl alcohol later and it works.
Though the battery is dead so no timed events. Fleabay is my friend for new batteries, they should be here Thursday and will perform surgery on the cart to get that going again.

So on wards to pokemon glory. Will post updates as I go.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

I can see the Screen...

Upgrading the Gameboy SP screen

Everyone  who had a Gameboy SP back in the day wondered what thee hell were Nintendo thinking with that screen ! I mean you could get an Afterburner  frontlight  for the Advance so why have a crappy screen that still needs a light source to see. 
Now it's the year 2018 and I finally have gotten round to fixing that problem.

I have my boxed Flame Red SP, a new AGS 101 Motherboard...well new to me, an AGS 101 screen, glass lense protector, DS high capacity battery and a  new sticker for the rear of the unit.

The original rear of thee unit note the AGS-001 unit number.

The top battery is the original that came with the SP the lower is a higher capacity DS battery.  To make it fit the SP however you have to trim the two tabs from the DS battery, remove the sticker and cut the plastic case. Also a small rubber grommet is needed to hold the new battery in place its never seen so higher capacity battery is a win win.

The 2 motherboards  to compare, slight differences to look at but major ones in the end. The 101 Boards is a recovered one from some chinese website, it looks well used but will do the job for me.

I'm not going into depth with the strip down as this can be found all over the internet, but this is the fully stripped SP ready for  rebuild.

First test, look at that screen and its only on settting 1....Yes that is a Repro Pokerom, I love them and collect them but please can the Repro makes STOP USING POKEMON RED !!!!! 

After the rebuild a new Sticker  for the rear to show the new improved model.

Light off...

Light ON :)

In the end it took me around 30 mins to do the whole job and it is an amazing difference. Getting your hands on the screen is easy, Fleabay is your friend for this. The motherboard replacement is getting more difficult to find but search around and you will find what you need.

Should get a better quality video me thinks ;)